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Wondercon Presale - Mermaid Pinup “La Dorada” 13x19 Limited Edition Art Print

Wondercon Presale - Mermaid Pinup “La Dorada” 13x19 Limited Edition Art Print

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Mermaid Pinup “La Dorada” (which translates as the golden one) is a First Run Limited Edition 13x19 High Quality Variant Art Print created and debuted special for Wondercon 2019 by artist Ruben Rosas, of AcomicWorld Art. As with Ruben’s 3 prior exclusives he debuted for Wondercon, these Limited Edition Exclusive art prints will include the Wondercon logo and will be hand numbered and signed. Hurry! These will go quickly! Pre-order, before the show, to help secure one of the lower numbered art prints!

Ruben Rosas will have his original line work for this piece available for purchase at the show. Colors were 100% digitally painted by Ruben. 

****This is for Pre-order of my art and will not be shipped. Your order will be fulfilled at my Table SP-27 @ Wondercon 2019 only(Located in Small Press Section). You must pick up your order during the show to fulfill the order. We reserve the right to check ID or ask for other verification. (But usually we can tell it's you by your name and contact info from when you order). We will have you sign off that you received the order. You also vow to be honest! *****

By completing the sale here, this is your purchase of the exclusive item so that we will hold it as not available for sale during the show. As this item is an exclusive to Wondercon 2019, that means if it is not picked up during Wondercon 2019 show hours, you forfeit the purchase and no refund will be allowed.*** Now that all of that is said, we are not heartless, contact us after the show if something catastrophic kept you from coming. However, no guarantee is being made.

Price already includes Ca/Anaheim sales Tax.

***You will get a few emails as we process your pick up order. This is normal, as square is designed for same day pick up, and we are using it instead as a Pre-Order option.****
Pre-orders will be given the number out of the 75 total by which they order! So it is a great way to secure one of the lower numbered art prints!

Email us @ if you have any questions. Thank you for your support of my art and independent artists!